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(Looking to) Add to Short

I know that I said I really prefer to make my purchases at the end of the day, but this midday ‘rally’ is really tempting me to add to my $IWM short.  Question: why would this consolidation be any different … Continue reading

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Black Magic Chart Observation

Halfway through looking at the charts from the Weekend Watchlist Posts, I got to thinking: what would these charts look like if I turned them upside-down? Honestly, I can’t believe what I’m looking at. Virtually every stock I’m watching is … Continue reading

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Looking for Strength

It’s easy to get lost in these ridiculous trading days.  Just yesterday the world was on the brink of collapse, tonight the problems in Italy, Spain and France are being ‘mitigated’ and the stock market is ‘cheap’ and ‘ripe with … Continue reading

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Today at the Stock Exchange

Let’s take a peek at the updated chart of $QQQ that I first posted last night. The 57 area that I identified on the chart probably holds some significance, no?  I like round numbers.  In honor of keeping things simple, … Continue reading

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Interesting Times

After reading this fantastic article (thanks @howardlizdon), my head is just spinning with disgust and frustration over what our once great country has become.  Our government is a pathetic joke.  The problems are so great and so fundamentally ingrained throughout … Continue reading

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Bears Rejoyce!

From the looks of the futures, those who have (recently) decided to short this market will be rewarded tomorrow.  These news (or non-news, in this case) events always provide additional uncertainty to an already uncertain profession.  Trying to predict market … Continue reading

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All’s Well That Ends Poorly

So, I decided to leave my computer and go for a swim at 2 EST with the market still way up.  I return home after the close to find a) things didn’t really finish up very well and 2) my … Continue reading

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