Position Update


Still hanging in there.  I have a solid profit locked up here, so I’m willing to wait and see how this latest pause resolves itself.  I’m inclined to think that prices are going to be relatively range bound between 53 and 58 (at the very extreme) in the coming weeks.  54 is a key level I’ll be watching to the downside.

cof 2012-04-05


This range between 76.5 and 81 is going to resolve itself shortly.  This is a favorable looking long pattern, so I’m comfortable holding what I have right now.  As mentioned, watching how price acts in the 76-76.5 area is going to be key for me.

CTXS 2012-04-05


Dubious.  A profitable trade is one quick move to the upside away…so I’m hanging in there with this one.  Time decay is not yet a major factor and I don’t foresee prices remaining in the 44-46 range for much longer.  I’ll either be bailing for a loss or taking profits pretty soon here.

CVS 2012-04-05


Teetering on the edge.  This is why I hate out-of-the-money options…time decay has destroyed any chance at a profitable trade here.  I’m probably going to just ride this one out for the last 2 weeks…surely to close worthless after the fortnight.  But what the hell?

NWL 2012-04-05


Following the $RENN stream is always amusing.  I can’t tell you how many times this one was “ready to go” or “breaking out” in the past 2-3 weeks…yet here we are right back in the 5.50 area again.  This one has been repulsed at 6 three times since the start of March.  There is a strong line of defense there.  Price needs that clean air above 6 (i.e. short squeeze), a break could quickly lead to price in the high 6’s.

RENN 2012-04-05


On the “chopping block”.

SKS 2012-04-05


See commentary for: $SKS.

STX 2012-04-05

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