Monthly Archives: April 2012

Position Update

$COF Still hanging in there.  I have a solid profit locked up here, so I’m willing to wait and see how this latest pause resolves itself.  I’m inclined to think that prices are going to be relatively range bound between … Continue reading

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Midday Update

It really feels like a Saturday.  Fridays have a feel.  Mondays have a feel.  Thursday, not as much.  Anyway. I’m looking at my now out-of-the money $NWL position and am seriously considering liquidation.  The chart doesn’t look horrible, but it’s … Continue reading

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Back from R&R

San Diego. It’s easy to understand why it costs so much to live in that damn town.  I’m the type of person that prefers a little more variability in my weather patterns…maybe that’s from growing up in the rust belt?  … Continue reading

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