(Actual) Weekly Watchlist pt. 1

Most of my analysis centers around daily charts.  I use weekly charts to gauge stock sentiment more than to make trading decisions, so I usually do not focus a significant amount of energy on them. 

Big mistake. 

I think every time frame can tell you something about the behavior of speculators and investors, so choosing to downplay the significance of weekly charts is shortsighted.  Sure, this week was rough, but how much damage was really done? 

After going through the daily charts of my entire list of stocks and finding 2(!?!) that warrant my attention, I thought: why not take a step back, or out, whatever…and see how stocks were affected on a weekly basis (as an aside, I actually have positions in both of those ‘good looking’ stocks [$D and $MCD]). 

The list that follows is by no means a list of stocks that I’m looking to buy in the immediate future, rather it will serve as a list of stocks to keep an eye on if we are to find support in the S&P 1180-1200 range.  Charts will be posted alphabetically by sector.

Basic Materials






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