Watchlist 08/02/11

The following stocks have been removed from yesterday’s watchlist (reason):

$SINA (closed below 104 and lower BB), $FCX (closed below 63 EMA, lower BB and 53), $VALE (closed below 63 EMA, lower BB, and 32), $DELL (closed below 63 EMA, lower BB and 16), $AMX (hit target), $NFLX (closed below 260, 63 EMA and lower BB)

Today’s List:


$KO 08/02/11


$SLE 08/02/11


$D 08/02/11


$CVX 08/02/11


$ACAS 08/02/11

$KGC This one looks great to go to 17.25-17.75.  It was right there for the taking yesterday (8/1) and I missed it.

$KGC 08/02/11

$HOG New addition to the list.  40.5 is where I’m looking for price to hold.  If so, I have a target of 45+.  $HOG is far and away the best stock in this industry.  With an industry score of -2.41, I’m leery about taking a position in a group of stocks with such a shitty performance.  For now I’m watching to see what happens if the price gets to where I like it.

$HOG 08/02/11

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