Interesting Times

After reading this fantastic article (thanks @howardlizdon), my head is just spinning with disgust and frustration over what our once great country has become.  Our government is a pathetic joke.  The problems are so great and so fundamentally ingrained throughout the entirety of the political system.  Unless something drastic happens, I’m afraid that our way of life will eventually wither up and die.

Nevertheless, I have faith in the rule of the populous…eventually people are going to get fed up with this bullshit and changes will happen.  That’s pretty much the story of human history.  Shitty, weak governments don’t stand the test of time…the clock is ticking on this stinking pile of garbage currently festering in Washington D.C.

Sadly, for the hard working, tax paying people in this country, these selfish assholes are dragging us all into the muck and mire with them.  Politicians do not care about their constituents.  They care about who is going to give them money and allow them to continue living the dream of getting paid to bullshit their way into more cash dollars vis a vis being a “civil servant”.  What we need are leaders.  People who, whether they like each other or not,  can work together toward a common goal.

Right now it’s just one big jerk-off…how is it anything else when our president is out there straight-up hustling to raise over a billion dollars to pay for his reelection campaign?  Mr. President, is that really the best use of your time?

I just want someone (anyone??!) to cut the bullshit.  No God.  No partisan nonsense.  No campaign finance.  No corporate interests.  Just people who want to creatively solve problems and inspire the citizens of this country.  Right now we have the exact opposite of that.  Pathetic.

Now that I have that off of my chest, lets take a look at some stocks that have garnered my interest over the past week.

$CVX 07/29/11

$CVX: I’ve had my eye on $CVX for the past couple of days.  One of my favorite patterns is when stocks pull back to a 3 month moving average (I use 63 days) and a contracting lower Bollinger Band (20,2).  I have found this area to be a good ‘line in the sand’ for me and will usually abandon a position if one or both are violated.

Anyway, $CVX is now pulling back right into that sweet spot.  I’d prefer to see a few days (2-3) of low-volume indecision before I jump in.  This will be exemplified by closes above the support between 103-104.  I will think about delving into this one as the situation develops

$CAG 07/29/11

$CAG: Similar pattern to Chevron, and people will always have to eat mass produced, nutritionally void food, right?  Again, here I’d like to see some tepid indecision with closes pretty much above 25.5 and below 25.75.  Much like my feelings on $CVX, this trade is still 2-3 days away, but will have it on watch.



$ACAS 07/29/11

$ACAS has found support in the 9.7 range for the second time…only now the lower Bollinger Band has tightened up to right under the going rate at 9.6.  I like the action on this one and would think about opening a position as early as Tuesday looking for a swing back to the highs around 10.3.  You could go gambling on the Aug 10 calls…but I would feel much more comfortable going with either the August 9’s or November 9 or 10’s.  Good liquidity on all of those (OI on Nov 9’s is 2448…a little low for my liking.)

Alrighty…I wanted to go until midnight, and here we are.  More from me tomorrow.

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