Context: Important

So in my previous post highlighting a few stocks that I was keeping my eye on going into trading today, I mentioned that $DNN had a pattern that I love.  Well, after noticing that futures were down over 1% last night, I decided to hold off on said purchase.  Granted, my primary strategy hinges on buying dips, however getting into new positions on relatively extreme weakness is not something I’m too interested in.  Good thing, seeing that $DNN is being poleaxed this morning.

My thought process was given an additional dose of caution based on the fact that I’m pretty heavily invested right now, and knew that I would probably be taking one on the chin this morning.  I usually feel much more comfortable letting the dust settle on days like this before making any decisions to buy or sell.  The selling appears to be picking up steam as we head toward noon EST, so I’m probably going to find something else to do until 3:00 as staring at a bunch of red positions isn’t going to provide me with any solace.  Until then…

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