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Be Attentive

Sometimes I need to stop and listen to what the market is trying to tell me.  There are times when I get caught trying to be cute and fancy and, as a result, usually end up losing money on those … Continue reading

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2-22 Recap, The I’m a Moron Edition

Well, wasn’t that fun?  My account was thoroughly mauled today.  I’m still green for the month, so I (and my investors) am happy about that.  These quick-fire selloff’s have led to great buying opportunities the past few times they have … Continue reading

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Context: Important

So in my previous post highlighting a few stocks that I was keeping my eye on going into trading today, I mentioned that $DNN had a pattern that I love.  Well, after noticing that futures were down over 1% last … Continue reading

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Black Magic Chart Observation

Halfway through looking at the charts from the Weekend Watchlist Posts, I got to thinking: what would these charts look like if I turned them upside-down? Honestly, I can’t believe what I’m looking at. Virtually every stock I’m watching is … Continue reading

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Overdue Explanation

Seeing that I have posted 142 updates to stocktwits (now 143), I figure now is probably a good time to provide you with some information regarding what I’m doing.  I have a tendency toward wordiness, so I’m going to attempt … Continue reading

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